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Managed Forex Accounts:

You have found it! My FX Strategies have proven to pay a return of up to 90-120% per year depending on market conditions. I have decided to open up for new managed forex accounts. If you are looking for a safe + profitable forex manager then congrats.

Do you feel safe about transferring all your savings to a stranger?

Most Forex programs require you to transfer the money you want to have traded into their account. In this way you don't have much control over your money and you have to trust the Forex managers to pay you the profit. Most of the time you don't see your money again...

I don't ask you to send any money to me at all! My Managed Forex Program works different. You set up your own account with any MT4 broker and give me access to trade the account. By the end of the month you pay me the profit. Yes that's correct. You are the one with the control over the money. You never have to trust a Forex manager again for getting your profit. Since the money is in your account I can not take out any of the money! If you don't have an account with a broker, I will show you how to get
one step by step.

What is your trading strategy and how does it work?

I use a combination of a break-out system and a intra-day trend following trading to getting the results. This sytem is based on 100% manual trading only. NO EA is used.

Results for 2011:

  • February: +2.6% | March: +3.9% | April: +0.4% | May: -0.2%
  • August: +0.4% | September: +15.4% | October: +9.4%
  • November: +5.9% | December: +6.3%
  • Total: +44.1% ROI

Results for 2012:

  • January: +13.3% | February: +3.2% | March: +2.9% | April: +2.2%
  • May: +19.8% | June: +6.3% | July: +8.2% |  August: +1.5%
  • October: +1.0% | November: +0.1% | December: +1.8%
    Total: +60.3% ROI

Results for 2013:

  • January: +16.4% | February: +12.2% | March: +16.1% | April: +11.20%
  • May: +22.64% | June: +12.07% | July: +5.55% | August: +8.21%
  • September: +6.70% | October: +4.20% | November: +1.17%
  • December: +1.25%
  •  Total: +117.69% ROI

Managed FX Accounts:

  • Why should I trust your previous results?
    You shouldn't. Past results are no guarantee of results in the future. To prove my managed program is working you can see the performance report above, which is updated once a month. You can follow performance every month for as long as you wish before deciding if you want to join my managed program.
  • What is the minimum I amount of money you will manage?
    Due to the nature of the program I only manage account above $5.000.
  • What is your commission?
    For accounts between $5.000 and $50.000, I take 30% in commission. 
    For accounts above $50.000 I take 20% in commission. Only on profits.
  • What broker do you use?
    I can trade any MT4 broker. If you are happy with your broker and they support the trading platform I can work with them. So I am very flexible.
  • How do I get started?
    To get started by requesting to set up a trading account fill up this form:
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